Working in industries such as electric utilities, oil, and gas, can be challenging, especially during the turbulent hurricane season. The severe weather conditions pose a significant risk to the safety and productivity of workers in these fields. During such times, the importance of reliable protective gear, like flame-resistant (FR) rain jackets, becomes paramount. These jackets provide a shield against both occupational hazards and harsh elements, offering an essential layer of protection when tackling tasks in the eye of the storm.

Understanding FR Rain Jackets

So, what exactly is an FR rain jacket? These jackets are designed with flame-resistant materials that protect you from thermal hazards and inclement weather conditions. Essential features of FR rain jackets include waterproofing, high visibility, and protection from electric arcs and flash fires. During hurricane season, the waterproof feature is especially vital in keeping workers safe and dry amidst heavy rains and storm surges.

How to Choose the Right FR Rain Jacket for Hurricane Season

Selecting the right FR rain jacket isn’t as simple as picking the first one you see; it involves careful consideration of your specific work conditions, the potential weather hazards you might face, and the jacket’s protective features.

During hurricane season, one of the most critical features to consider is keeping you dry. Hurricanes bring torrential rain and flooding, and staying dry is crucial to maintaining body temperature and preventing hypothermia. A water-proof jacket will help protect you against these risks, keeping you comfortable and focused on your work.

Equally important is wind protection. Hurricanes generate strong, gusty winds that can penetrate through standard jackets, chilling the wearer and causing discomfort. An FR rain jacket with wind protection is designed to shield you from these harsh winds, keeping you warm and working efficiently even in stormy conditions.

Lastly, consider the jacket’s visibility features. Hurricane conditions often result in dim, overcast skies, and heavy rain can significantly reduce visibility. Jackets with high-visibility features, often in the form of reflective strips and bright colors, can enhance your visibility to others around you. This is particularly important in hazardous work environments where visibility is key to avoiding accidents.

Therefore, consider these features carefully when choosing an FR rain jacket for the hurricane season. By doing so, you can ensure that you select a jacket that not only fits your work needs but also provides the utmost protection against the severe weather conditions associated with hurricanes.

About NASCO Industries, Inc.

At NASCO Industries, we’ve proudly kept workers safe since 1979. Our unwavering commitment to workers’ safety and quality products makes us a trusted name in protective outerwear.

Top NASCO FR Rain Jackets Made in the USA for Hurricane Season

Among our wide range of products, here are some of the top FR rain jackets that we recommend for hurricane season:

  • Omega FR Rain Jacket: This jacket offers fall protection access and meets the ANSI 107 standards. It’s a great all-around choice for any worker braving the elements during hurricane season.
  • ArcLite Air FR Rain Jacket: The ArcLite Air jacket is Arc Flash CAT2 rated for protection against arc flash hazards, making it perfect for electric utility workers. Its high-visibility yellow color also enhances safety during low-visibility conditions in a storm.
  • Sentinel FR Rain Jacket: With its elastic waist and convenient hood-in-collar, the Sentinel jacket is designed for long hours of wear. It is ideal for those who need to stay outdoors during a hurricane.
  • PetroStorm FR Rain Jacket: The PetroStorm Hi Vis jacket is designed with the oil and gas industry workers in mind. Its attached hood provides extra protection against the rain and wind during a hurricane.
  • Women’s Omega FR Rain Jacket with CSA Z96 Trim and all the protective features you’d expect from an Omega FR product, including fall protection access and ANSI 107 Class 3 compliance, all sized for the female work population.

These FR rain jackets are all made in the USA, ensuring top quality and compliance with stringent safety standards. By investing in these jackets, you are investing in your safety and the longevity of your protective gear.

Why Choose USA-Made FR Rain Jackets from NASCO Industries for Hurricane Season

NASCO Industries is proud to manufacture our products in the USA. Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in each garment we make. During hurricane season, our FR rain jackets offer the necessary protection to keep you safe and dry while you work.


Choosing the right FR rain jacket for hurricane season is crucial for safety and productivity. When you choose NASCO Industries, you’re choosing high-quality, USA-made protective outerwear designed to keep you safe during the harshest weather conditions. Browse our selection today and find the perfect FR rain jacket for you.