The NASCO Difference in FR Rain Gear

At NASCO Industries, we’re not just manufacturers; we’re pioneers in protective outerwear with over four decades of experience. Our commitment to quality is evident in our ISO 9001:2015 registration and a quality policy that emphasizes customer satisfaction through continual improvement.

Innovative Approach to Comfort and Functionality

NASCO’s approach to FR rain gear is a delicate balance between ensuring safety and providing comfort. “We believe that workers shouldn’t have to choose between safety and comfort,” adds Todd Smith, President. “Our products are the result of innovative practices that make them waterproof, breathable, and comfortable, enhancing productivity.”

Embracing Technological Advancements

NASCO stays ahead of the curve, constantly integrating advancements in materials and technology into our products. “Our mission is to transform these innovations into practical outerwear solutions for today’s workforce,” explains Smith. 

Safety as a Priority

“Safety is at the core of everything we do at NASCO,” says Andrew Wirts, Sales & Marketing Director at NASCO Industries. “Our FR rain gear is designed with the understanding that outerwear is crucial in workplace safety, catering to a variety of hazards including electric arcs, flash fires, and more.”

Industry Standards

Standard Name Description
ASTM F903 Chemical Resistance Testing Ensures fabric resistance penetration of harmful chemicals for worker safety.
ASTM F1891 FR Rainwear for Electrical Arc Hazards Provides protection in conditions where arc flash hazards are present.
NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Standards Offers guidelines for overall electrical safety in the workplace.
ASTM 2733 FR Rainwear for Flash Fire Ensures rainwear safeguards against sudden hydrocarbon flash fire hazards.
ANSI 107 High Visibility Safety Apparel Ensures safety apparel is visible in different environmental conditions.
ASTM E96 Breathability of Materials Measures how well fabrics allow moisture vapor to pass through.
ASTM F1868 Thermal and Evaporative Resistance Evaluates how fabrics manage heat and sweat for wearer comfort.

Customer-Centric Service

NASCO customers can expect not only high-quality products but also exemplary service, timely delivery, and access to industry expertise. “Our goal is to provide solutions that exceed expectations in every aspect,” says Wirts.


NASCO Industries’ FR rain gear represents more than just apparel; it’s a commitment to the safety, comfort, and productivity of workers in challenging environments. With NASCO, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a solution backed by expertise, innovation, and a dedication to quality.