One of the most dangerous jobs in America is being a lineman. There are 20 fatal injuries for every 100,000 linemen each year. So if you’re a lineman, you must have the proper safety gear.

While working as a lineman can be dangerous and challenging, having the proper safety gear to wear can make the job easier and reduce your chances of experiencing an injury. However, there’s a lot that you should consider to choose the proper rainwear for your needs.

Here’s what you should know about choosing the best lineman FR rain gear.


Flame-resistant (FR) clothing and rain gear are types of work gear that are composed of fabrics that won’t ignite or burn. This kind of rain gear can benefit certain professions and is essential for anyone working around energized lines.

As a lineman, there are significant workplace hazards, including electric shock and fire risks. Wearing flame-resistant clothing and rainwear will prevent burn injury from clothing igniting and melting. These injuries can be devastating for linemen and highly costly to employers.

It’s essential to have the proper protective gear when performing your work, so you must make sure that you buy flame-resistant rain gear that will protect you and keep you safe under challenging conditions. Flame-resistant rain gear serves this purpose and allows you to stay safe while on the clock.


So how can you choose flame-resistant rain gear that works for you? Here’s what you should consider.

Know The Protection Rating

One of the most important things to consider when choosing rain gear for lineman needs is whether it meets the proper protection standards. Compliance with ASTM F1891-19 assures that the minimum physical and thermal performance standards for arc-rated FR rain gear will be met. Additionally, look for the arc rating. This number, expressed in calories per centimeter squared (cal/cm2), is the amount of energy needed to create a second-degree burn on human tissue,

Remember that not all flame-resistant clothing is AR clothing. Be sure to look for ratings that serve your needs. You’ll want to find clothing and rain gear that complies with ASTM F1506-22 and ASTM F1891-19, respectively, to protect you from potential hazards.

Workers in specific industries will also need to pay attention to flash fire standards.

Check The Durability

In addition to the protection ratings, you should also make sure to choose durable American-made rain gear. Look for rain gear that is made using high-quality materials and ensure that the fabric will meet your standards for longevity.

The clothing you choose to buy should last you a long time, so ensure you understand the quality you’re buying. Also, get rain gear that you can depend on for a significant period of time.

Poor quality gear may only last for a while and could fail, so be sure that you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Know The Origin

If you want to choose high-quality rain gear, one of the things that you should consider is its origin. Rain gear made in the USA and crafted with the highest standards in mind would be best.

Checking whether the FR rain gear you’re buying was made in the USA will give you a good indication of whether the clothing will be durable or not and whether it will stand the test of time.

Look For High-Visibility Rain Gear

In addition to considering the strength and durability of the rain gear you buy, also make sure to keep visibility in mind. Working within the right-of-way of federally funded roadways requires workers to comply with ANSI/ISEA 107-2020. This can be done with high-visibility clothing, rain gear, or vests. High-visibility safety apparel will be constructed of compliant background materials and retro-reflective or combined-performance materials.

When hard at work, it’s crucial that you remain visible to others, especially when there is a low level of light. Look for clothing that features high visibility colors and will help ensure that others see you at night and in the daytime.

Look for clothing with reflective trim near the waist and sleeve cuffs, as well as vertical stripes over the shoulders. This will help vehicle operators identify the worker as a person rather than a traffic control device.

Aim For Comfort

Like with any other clothing, you should also think about comfort and wearability as well. Therefore, you should be sure that the rain gear will go beyond just protecting you and will also be comfortable to wear.

You’ll need to be working while wearing the rain gear, so you should ensure that it’s comfortable for you to have on for long periods. In addition, ensure the rainwear is clear from obstructing your movements or making it hard to bend down, reach, or use your tools comfortably.

Ensure that the rainwear does a great job of keeping out moisture and rain and that you’ll stay dry while wearing it.

If the rain gear is breathable, it allows heat and sweat to be evaporated through the material to keep the rain out. This is known as the moisture vapor transmission rate. When comparing different products, higher numbers are more breathable.

Consider The Long-Term Value

When buying FR rainwear, it’s essential to consider the distinction between how much a piece of gear costs and how much value it provides. While you may be able to pay less for clothing upfront, it may not be worth buying if it doesn’t last for a long time.

When it comes to FR clothing, it’s typically best to pay the right price to get quality and well-made materials that will last a long time. Failing to consider the long-term value you’ll get from the rainwear you purchase is a big mistake.

Make sure you find gear to buy that offers excellent long-term value. The rain gear should stand the test of time, so your money will go much further overall.


Invest in the best lineman FR rain gear available to stay safe while on the job. To make the best rain gear choice, consider the level of protection that the rainwear offers, along with the durability, visibility, comfort, and price.

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