Imagine this: an arc flash erupts near you on the job site. Your FR rain gear is your last line of defense. But if it’s worn out, the consequences could be severe. That’s why regular gear inspection is not just smart – it’s vital for your safety.

Don’t Let Worn Gear Leave You Exposed

FR rain gear protects you from hazards, but only if it’s in good condition. Here’s how to spot the signs that it’s time for a replacement:

Look for These Red Flags

  • Fading & Discoloration: Is your gear severely faded or bleached? This shows UV damage that weakens the fabric’s protective abilities.
  • Holes, Rips, Tears: Any breach in the fabric, big or small, compromises its protection.
  • Seam Separation: Check every seam. Even tiny gaps can let in water, flames, or chemicals.
  • Stiffness or Brittleness: FR gear should be somewhat flexible. If it feels stiff or cracks when you move, it’s time to replace it.
  • Delamination: If waterproof coatings or inner liners are peeling away, water will get through.
  • Missing or Damaged Hardware: Snaps, zippers, and all reflective elements should be in good working order.

It’s Not Just About Looks

  • Age Matters: Even lightly used FR gear has a lifespan. Consult the manufacturer’s recommended replacement timeframe.
  • What’s It Been Through? Extreme weather, chemical exposure, or involvement in an incident can cause invisible damage, making replacement necessary.

Safety First

Your FR rainwear is life-saving equipment. Never take chances with compromised gear. Regular inspection helps you catch issues before they become a disaster on the job site.

Prevention is the Best Investment

Replacing worn FR gear is far cheaper than dealing with potential injuries. If you’re unsure about your gear’s condition, err on the side of caution and get a replacement. Visit our site to view the full line of USA-made FR rain gear and if you need help finding the right gear for you or your team, our FR rain gear experts are here to help. 

Remember, your safety is worth far more than any piece of rain gear.