NASCO Inc. was named a Top 5 Company to Work for in Washington, IN. The employee-owner company celebrates the value of its people with honesty, respect, teamwork, and perseverance. Its associates love working for a company that prioritized employee well-being and fostered cultures of purpose, genuine listening, caring, and empathy. Locally owned and operated, NASCO manufactures the highest quality products available. From digital patterns to assembly techniques,

NASCO engineers made in USA quality into every garment. All jackets, jumpsuits, and pants are assembled in-house by those that created and developed them.

Specializing in flash fire, chemical splash, and wet environment outerwear, NASCO prides itself on safety with small numbers. This small business, under 100 employees, recently netted $22.2M in annual revenue. Its commitment to a safe environment where all are team-oriented, challenged by new improvements and encouraged to achieve personal growth in and out of work.

President and CEO, Todd Smith, actively encourages their open-door policy and looks for ways to improve the company and provide a solid future for the employee-owners. NASCO products are outerwear solutions that are derived from innovation. Technologies continue to advance, making materials more protective, lighter, stronger, and more comfortable. Change must be constant and drives the development of every new product.

NASCO embraces the ability to adapt to constant change and support employees’ full lives in and outside of work, which includes their families and communities. Associates are chosen to be a part of the Contributions Committee. These members review valuable organizations within the local area. The committee then allocated a budgeted amount to the community in which they are located.