When you work in hazardous environments, you need gear you can trust. NASCO Industries Omega FR line offers a comprehensive selection of protective wear designed to protect you from a broad range of threats while ensuring your comfort on the job.

Unmatched Multi-Hazard Protection

Omega FR gear goes beyond standard protection, shielding you from:

  • Flames and Arc Flashes: Flame-resistant materials that meet ASTM F1891 standards provide critical defense when working near fire or potential electrical hazards.
  • Liquid Chemicals: Protection from splashes and light sprays of various chemicals gives you time to react and get to safety.
  • Water and Wind: Thanks to the waterproof and windproof construction, you can stay dry and focused on the task at hand, even in rain and high winds.

Comfort Throughout Your Workday

Omega FR gear isn’t just tough; it’s designed for all-day wear. Breathable fabrics allow moisture to escape, preventing overheating on the job. You’ll find options like jackets, bib overalls, rain pants, and more – ensuring you have the right gear for your work conditions.

Built for the Long Haul

NASCO Industries understands the demands of your work. Omega FR gear is made with durable materials that can handle the rigors of your environment, protecting you shift after shift.

In Conclusion

NASCO Industries’ Omega FR line provides comprehensive protection and comfort for workers facing multiple on-the-job hazards. Omega FR has you covered from flames and arc flashes to chemicals and harsh weather.

Explore the full line of 
Omega FR rain gear on our website and find the right protection for your work environment!