NASCO PetroStorm SuitLast year we introduced PetroStorm™ as our latest light on weight, heavy on protection FR rain suit with enhanced visibility. Worker comfort is a high priority when it comes to keeping workers in their gear for safety.

PetroStorm packs in the protection to keep workers dry and comfortable

Designed for the oil & gas industry, PetroStorm is the lightest weight multi-hazard protective outerwear available. PetroStorm uses a composite film with CCT Technology™ to make it 60% lighter than PVC multi-hazard protection products on the market. This eliminates PVC which stores heat and causes the wearer to be hot and uncomfortable.

Multi-hazard work environments within the oil & gas make PetroStorm the perfect choice to protect your workers. With both ASTM F2733 flash fire and ASTM F1891 arc protection, PetroStorm protects workers from devastating, if not fatal, burn injuries.

Chemical splash, as well as steam and hot liquid protection, make it an excellent choice for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas operations. PetroStorm is in stock and ready to bring comfortable, lightweight, functional design and FR compliance to your rainwear program.


Fall protection access.


Gas Monitor Tab.


Storm fly front with zipper.

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