Finding big and tall flame resistant (FR) rain gear that fits well and protects you during work can be challenging. Here’s a quick guide to help you shop for the perfect FR rain gear.

  1. Sizing and fit: Look for a supplier offering a wide range of sizes. Check chest, waist, sleeve length and inseam measurements for proper coverage. Adjustable closures and suspenders provide a customized fit.
  2. Material and construction: Choose high-quality, flame-resistant fabrics like Nomex and gear that meets safety standards (ASTM F1891, ASTM F2733, NFPA 70E). Waterproof and breathable materials are essential.
  3. Comfort and movement: Ensure your FR rain gear allows for freedom of movement during tasks. Features like vented cape backs, leg zippers and batwing sleeves make donning/doffing easier as well as more comfortable to wear.
  4. High visibility: Opt for rain gear with high-visibility colors and reflective materials to increase safety in low-light conditions. Be sure it complies with ANSI/ISEA 107 Standard for high visibility safety apparel.

Choosing a reliable supplier, like NASCO Inc., for your big and tall FR rain gear ensures that you’ll receive high-quality, American-made products that meet industry safety standards. NASCO Inc. offers a wide range of sizes and designs to accommodate all body types, providing utility linemen with the protection and comfort they need to work safely and efficiently.

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