If you’re a utility worker, then you know just how important it is to have the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable on the job. That’s where our flame-resistant rain gear comes in. Our product line includes  rain jacketsrain coatsrain pants, and rain bib overalls that are all designed to provide both rain protection and flame resistance, making them the ideal choice for workers who face unique challenges and safety hazards due to the combination of foul weather and the industrial workplace. When you wear our gear, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including protection from rain, enhanced safety, comfort and mobility, durability, and compliance with safety regulations.

  1. Protection from rain: Choose rain gear designed to keep you dry in wet and rainy conditions and help prevent you from becoming cold, uncomfortable, and distracted while on the job.
  2. Flame resistance: You want true flame-resistant, arc-resistant rain gear to help protect you from potential electrical hazards, or flash fire-resistant rain gear to help protect you from flash fires.
  3. Enhanced safety: By providing both inclement weather protection and flame resistance, your rain gear helps to increase overall safety when exposed to flame or electrical hazards while working in wet conditions.
  4. Comfort and mobility: Your rain gear is designed with features that allow for ease of movement, breathability, and functionality, which help ensure that workers can move freely and comfortably while on the job.
  5. Durability: You want rain gear that is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and repeated use, which helps ensure that you have the gear you can rely on to stay safe and comfortable on the job.
  6. Compliance with safety regulations: By choosing flame-resistant rain gear that meets industry safety standards, including ASTM F1891 and F2733, you are helping ensure compliance with safety regulations and the necessary gear to do your job safely and effectively.

Utility workers require specialized flame-resistant gear to work in hazardous electrical environments and inclement weather. Our rain jackets, pants, coats, and bib overalls are specifically designed with worker safety as our top priority. We understand the importance of offering protection from hazardous weather and thermal hazards while ensuring comfort on the job site. Each piece is crafted for optimal durability, which meets industry regulations, providing utility workers the peace of mind that they have what it takes when facing any conditions or challenges ahead.