You can buy FR rain gear made in the USA from NASCO Inc. We are committed to providing high-quality, American-made flame-resistant rain gear that meets or exceeds relevant safety standards. Purchasing American-made goods, like those from NASCO, has several advantages:

  1. Supporting local economy: Buying American-made products supports local businesses and helps create and maintain jobs within the country, strengthening the economy.
  2. Quality assurance: American-made goods often have a reputation for higher quality and durability, as they are produced under strict manufacturing and safety standards.
  3. Environmental responsibility: Products made in the USA typically have lower transportation-related carbon emissions, as they don’t need to be shipped from overseas. Additionally, domestic manufacturing facilities are subject to environmental regulations that ensure more sustainable production practices.
  4. Regulatory compliance: American-made FR rain gear adheres to relevant safety standards, such as ASTM F1891, ASTM F2733, and NFPA 70E, ensuring that the gear provides the necessary protection for workers in hazardous environments.

NASCO Industries, in Washington, Indiana, is dedicated to manufacturing FR rain gear that meets these high standards, offering you peace of mind when it comes to safety and quality. Browse our wide selection of American-made FR rain gear and make a purchase that aligns with your values and safety requirements. By choosing NASCO for your FR rain gear needs, you are investing in top-notch personal protective equipment and supporting the American economy and the environment.