An arc flash is a sudden release of electrical energy that can occur when a high-voltage electrical current jumps or arcs through the air between conductors. This event can produce intense heat, high-pressure waves, and bright flashes of light, posing risks of burns, hearing damage, and eye injuries to those nearby. Arc flash-resistant rain gear is a specialized type of protective clothing designed to shield individuals from wet conditions and the potentially harmful effects of an arc flash. Arc flash-resistant rain gear is made from flame-resistant materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures generated by an arc flash while also protecting the wearer from wet weather conditions.


  1. Utility line workers: These workers deal with electricity may face the risk of arc flashes, so they need protection from both the elements and electrical hazards.
  2. Electricians: As they work with energized electrical systems, electricians require protection from arc flashes and wet conditions they might encounter.
  3. Maintenance personnel: Those who maintain electrical systems or work in environments with energized electrical equipment need arc flash-resistant rain gear to stay safe from potential electrical incidents and wet weather.
  4. Industrial workers: People who work in industries with high-voltage electrical systems, like power plants or manufacturing facilities, need this specialized gear to protect themselves from arc flash hazards and rain.
  5. Construction workers: Construction sites often involve exposure to electrical systems and wet conditions, making arc flash-resistant rain gear essential for safety.


  1. Flame-resistant materials: These fabrics are designed to resist ignition, self-extinguish, not melt and drip and maintain integrity when exposed to high temperatures from an arc flash.
  2. Arc flash ratings: The gear is tested and rated based on its ability to provide protection against a specific amount of arc flash energy, typically measured in calories per square centimeter (cal/cm²). This rating helps users choose the appropriate level of protection for their specific work environment.
  3. High visibility: Arc flash-resistant rain gear often includes high-visibility colors and reflective materials to increase worker visibility in low-light conditions.
  4. Sealed seams: The seams are sealed to prevent water and moisture penetration, ensuring the wearer stays dry in wet conditions.
  5. Adjustable closures: Adjustable closures at the wrists, waist, and ankles can help customize the fit and prevent water ingress.

When selecting arc flash-resistant rain gear, it’s essential to consider the nature of the work, the potential hazards, and the gear’s compliance with relevant safety standards, such as NFPA 70E or ASTM F1891. At NASCO, we have a full Arc Flash Resistant Rain Gear line for your protection.